Hi welcome, my names Alex! I’m just going to get right to the point, I started this blog as a place to put my opinion freely so I’d prefer to remain anonymous. Regardless on how many readers, viewers whatever. I know I seem like a basic person, one of many people who want to be discovered. But honestly I don’t care if anyone “discovers” me or whatnot I just want a place for an open opinion about topics, for example: Trump, such a controversial topic but hey that’s what this blog is for! So I am a Canadian resident and have avoided the big question ‘for trump or against trump’ first lets evaluate his pros: He can really help the economy I guess, he is a business man after all. (comment your own opinion too I’d love to hear a different perspective and new opinions) cons: there’s speculation  of Donald mistreating his wife when this topic comes up honestly the feminist in me comes out, also the construction of a wall to keep illegal immigrants out, (I’d like to point out there are other ways to keep illegal immigrants out aka border control which will open more job opportunities for Americans and hey more job opportunities which could bring more immigrants (legal if that is what you’d prefer) and could help the economy in that way. Instead he chose to build a wall which will cost quite a bit and be a waste of resources. It will open many job opportunities but just for a little while, after a while all the people they brought in for construction will be left unemployed!! )Anyways I hope you enjoy my blog, ill try to get perhaps a posting schedule but until further notice I intend to post whenever I get a train of thought I care to share 🙂 enjoy this awkward and unedited blog.



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