To Kill A Mockingbird, Not Rated E for Everyone

Hello! It has definitely been a while since I have had the pleasure of returning to my corner of the world-wide web and indulging myself in a period of freedom of speech.

English class.

I didn’t know it was possible to make writing a negative thing, but yes writing can be awful.  I’m sure anyone who has gone through the stresses of English class would know that reading  the novel To Kill A Mockingbird is mandatory. The story of a black man who was accused of raping a white girl. In my English class we were supposed to write an essay about one of 4 possible subjects and so I chose to write about why To Kill A Mockingbird is not appropriate for secondary students. I put such effort into this essay I thought why not have a larger audience to share with so without further ado, why To Kill A Mockingbird is inappropriate for secondary schools.

*Side note to any students who came here looking for an essay to copy and paste (I tried doing that as well  haha) please do not. The assignment was given to you to learn something. If you’d like you can use the three points I listed but try coming up with material on your own you’d be surprised!  I wrote this at 3am the day before it was due and my mom just edited so it didn’t sound as much like it was written at three in the morning, anyways good luck with your studies!

To Kill A MockingBird,

Not Rated E for Everyone


Consider whether To Kill A Mockingbird is an appropriate novel for secondary school students. Provide three arguments to support the position you take.


The novel To Kill A Mockingbird, is not appropriate for secondary school students, because it does not fully explore the issues it raises; it overuses profanity; and it is outdated for today’s youth (aka Generation X)


First, the main theme of the book tries to show the issue of racism, through the jury of a black man named Tom Robinson. This is shown in an uninteresting way through a mistrial of a black person with a wrongful outcome due to a racist jury.  This book deals with racism as it was raised in history, in the legal context. Over time, the issue of racism has changed and evolved and presented in many different areas.  In the past 87 years here are some other examples of changes faced : August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granted American women the right to vote.  Though actual pants were sometimes seen on women in the late 1800s and in the early part of the 20th century, it was not until the 1970s that the wearing of trousers by women was accepted for business or dress occasions .   Today, racism is merely an example of one area where injustice occurs. In fact, there are injustices in many parts of life. When this book is part of the curriculum to teach children about racism, they are taught about slavery (Calpurnia), segregation (black church), and false accusations (Tom Robinson’s trial). The book shows a jury made largely of insensitive and uneducated people. Today, communities are very diverse and today juries would hopefully reflect an accused person on a trial. But unfortunately, in today’s world, the views of the insensitive can go beyond the courtroom and are now out in social media for all to read! For example, Steve Clevenger tweeted “[Black Lives Matter] is pathetic once again! Obama you are pathetic once again! Everyone involved should be locked behind bars like animals!” (September 2016). The book To Kill A Mockingbird shows the racism in which a black man in accused but there are various different forms of racism. Harper lee doesn’t cover the harassment element of racism, the arbitrary elements, denying access to information, and unequal distribution of opportunities.

Second, the words used in this book are very controversial. Reading the N word so often can make people very uncomfortable because it is not a word used in today’s society and we rarely see or hear this word today. What kind of message of we giving the young readers. That it is okay to use this word? Parents might be upset that their children are exposed to this language. And maybe it’s not the schools place to teach their children controversial or vulgar words. Is using profanity teaching kids new words? Is it promoting aggressiveness? Does it need to be included to make its point? These are all questions that are raised when reading the profanity in the book.

Finally, the book takes place almost a century ago. It is hard for today’s youth to connect to events so long ago. Many students cannot relate to Tom Robinson’s trial. The book was written for adults to see racism in the perspective of a young and innocent child. By the time students have reached secondary school, they are well aware of issues of racism, sexism, homophobia etc. The book is simplistic and redundant, because these issues have been explored before secondary school. The events of racism were targeted towards an audience of readers experiencing or seeing racism in the 1930s. Today we have technology which introduces us to harassment between countries as opposed to being confined in a small town like in To Kill A Mockingbird. We as youth are less familiar with the idea of connected villages and face to face racism because today, the majority of conflicts are in form of cyberbullying where attackers hide behind the keys of a keyboard. Adults in the 1960s didn’t have the technology today. Seventy three percent of adult internet users have seen someone be harassed in some way online and 40% have personally experienced it.  In my opinion, being unable to connect or understand a book makes it harder to read and less enjoyable. There are plenty of modern books that can be used to teach racism for example; The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace  by Jeff Hobbs, Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Citizen by Claudia Rankine, and The Sellout by Paul Beatty.

In conclusion, To Kill A Mockingbird is not appropriate for secondary students. It is a misrepresentation in a way, its language is not appropriate for younger readers, and it is not targeted towards younger audience. Perhaps it is time for this book to be retired from school curriculum. Just my opinion.



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we are nothing.

we wander aimlessly through life looking as others as we would in math class when we didn’t know what we should’ve been doing.

we are nothing

we don’t realize no one else knows what to do either.

we are nothing

Trying to impress people who don’t even notice

we are nothing

wanting to have an impact on the world but doing nothing to achieve that

we are nothing

we don’t back down from our obstacles

we are something

we are a group of individuals who are knit together at the beauty of not knowing

we are everything

every tiny accomplishment you’ve achieved put together that is you and your entity

Abuse from where you least expect

I made a promise to myself when I made this blog that I wouldn’t be whiney. I promised to myself that this blog is going to change me and I am going to be a professional individual and show the world that regardless of my age I am a well spoken person and am capable of being a well functioning member of society. Since September I have turned into a very immature and winey person, During exam break with being offline and such I made the decision that I am no longer going to be winey and emotional because I wanted much more to be mature and able to discuss things without my hormones getting in the way and what not. The events that occurred for me tonight made me think about the previous actions of this individual and come to a conclusion.

So here is what happened, earlier my older brother (two  years older than me) was interacting with me and we were conversing and playing around and teasing each other. I decided to pull the strings on his sweater making one obnoxiously longer than the other a joke I often play on friends but have never done to him. He quickly got very mad and pulled my hair refraining me from moving forward and walked in front of me. I followed because I was already headed in that direction but was delayed because his actions of pulling my hair revoking my ability to move forward, when I saw him enter his room I decided to enter with him because eyes are attracted to movement and light and my room which was beside his was dark so I followed and placed one foot inside when I saw him turn around with a frightening scowl on his face so I quickly move backwards. I reached 2 thirds of the hall furthest from his bedroom near the entrance of my mothers and fathers bedroom when he rammed his large and muscular body into mine causing me to roughly fall onto the flour creating instant shock of pain through my backside what I landed on. Keep in mind my  brother is over 6 feet tall, 16 years old and merely 150 pounds of muscle and I am 14 5 feet tall and 120 pounds. He evidently rammed his body into mine causing me to collapse onto the floor of my  mothers bedroom, his force pushing me there. After causing such destruction he stared blankly realising what he had done and ran away trying to persuade our mother onto his side before being able to getting in trouble. His deceptive and manipulative  acts didn’t work as she was in stressed for an interview tomorrow and in a very bad mood. I called for her to come help me as the sharp pains in my rear side were unbearable and as she stomped her way over I could tell it was not going to be constructive and justice was not going to be served. With the presence of my mother came a sharp scream and she ended up putting most of the blame on me for evoking him but still I find his action was not equal to mine, I don’t find that he needed to pull my hair and knock me over for the simple act of pulling his strings and continue the teasing that he started.

So these events led me to thinking about other situations like these. The words that were repeated in this brainstorm were: mean, manipulative, dangerous, unfair, ridiculous, and finally abusive.

My mom and I have always known that he had difficulty controlling his anger and was extremely explosive but before he actually started to workout and gain muscle mass I knew I could take him and he could never physically harm me, before this he would verbally abuse me by calling me fat, worthless, telling me multiple times to kill myself etc. This mentally damaged me causing me to think awful things and do awful and serious things to myself. I have since recovered and am mentally okay.

BUT I have noticed a pattern of him being physically violent. His out lashes seem very dangerous and to be quite honest I find myself constantly afraid of my brother. He is able an has caused serious harm to me and I find myself feeling constantly unsafe. The person I used to trust my life with has now causing me to think he will be the cause of my end of life.

I don’t know how to express this but he causes harm to me, his grips when we are playing around are very rough and everything seems very real, and very dangerous.

My brother is abusing me, physically and mentally.

I’ve been unaware of it but I am glad I am able to now open my eyes and see what dangers he brings.

Anyone reading this please don’t be worried about me I have had enough martial arts training to withstand him, I have access away from him if I need to leave urgently I am able to do so and am usually backed up by my parents.

Also Id like to state that my parents in no way are bad parents they have been loving and caring through my whole life and I’ve only recently experienced problems with them but they are great parents and everything in that aspect is okay.

wish me luck as I need to withstand his torcher for a year and a half more.


Paper Towns and Paper People.

Film makers.

They sure do have a way at pulling at your heart strings!

Recently I have watched the film Paper Towns, It had been the first time in quite a while. The first time watching it, was the summer of 2015. At that time my perspective was guided like a horse blinder and did not understand the message the producers were trying to convey. The first time seeing the film I had though it was enjoyable for the first 45 minutes then after it is an hour of the male main character Quentin looking for the female lead Margo. What I didn’t understand then but have learned now is that it is more the journey instead of the destination, I didn’t realise how Margo felt because I was in the mindset that people are expected to act a certain way, dress a certain way, and think a certain way and society will move on as planned. But after seeing movies like divergent and Paper towns I realise its not.

My Ipod has recently been disconnected and I cant get onto it, Its been like this for 3 days and I know there is a way I can fix it I have decided not to because it gives me this new perspective in some ways. In this generation of people, Everyone is constantly on their mobile devices, there is little to no human interaction because of this and we are all closed off on our own. In a film I watched yesterday called iboy this child is shot and had his cell phone surgically put in his brain, this permitted him to access cell phones and it showed how dependant we are on our electronic devices. After watching that movie I looked around the house and named off only a couple of the objects in my house that were electrically run. The amount of things I named off surprised me as I had not realized how dependant I really was. This is kind of getting off track but hey this is my page and its just who I am!

Going off the whole dependency of us on our devices I have been noticing the struggles my generation has with spelling. We’ve come dependant on “autocorrect” we fail to know how most words are spelled making us less intelligent. Also with so many acronyms popping up our vocabulary has weakened tremendously. On many occasions I find my friends and me misspelling the simplest of words such as ‘occasions’ ‘expect’ ‘accept’ ‘remarkable’ ‘generosity’ etc. It is quite saddening to watch a generation of almost uneducated children who are expected to go through a curriculum of generations with not as easy access to internet.

Because of these reasons I have decided to simply take a break from the internet and what it has to offer. Intead I plan to spend my time in more suitable places such as the library or perhaps on the bus, In hopes of these effects.

First I’d like my vocabulary to expand. With a vast vocabulary expression of ones self would be much easier, I often find myself at a loss of words trying to convey a message but finding all the words I use wrong. My mother often tells me that reading will enhance my vocabulary and listening to her I’d like to spend more time reading and less  online, I would like to be well spoken.

Second, I’d like to meet new people. In one of the movies mentioned Paper towns, the girl finds herself on new adventures and new opportunities, My knowledgeable math teacher would tell us about her travels abroad. She would stay at the houses of the people you meet. You cant meet anyone if your head is turned down towards your phone right? I often wonder why I only have only 2 very close friends because certain people fit better with certain events but sometimes I guess I get a bit bored of them, of course they are deeply in my hearts and I love them greatly but I want new adventures and opportunities like the ones Margo had in the movie. There is but one thing besides cell phones holding me in the way.

Fear. We as people fear the unknown. We are afraid of what we don’t know, the mystery in life I supposed. This could be of great help in dangerous situations such as entering a dark alley at night, wandering down a unknown street, entering unknown territories such as deep waters, dark streets, private property. Another thing we fear is one another.

We are constantly afraid of what others think of us, what others are doing, what others are capable of doing, etc. Some times could have a positive result, afraid of how people think of us is not acceptable but, being afraid of peoples actions and capabilities are good to be afraid of. The only thing preventing me from leaving my house at this very moment (1 in the morning) Is because I’m afraid of an action of an unknown person. I’m afraid of someone attacking me or trying to bring harm to me. In a park you are unable to let your guard down and bag unattended is because you are afraid someone will take it. If the possibilities of the actions of others was 100% positive I believe that we would be in a more comfortable and relaxed environment.

So the reason I didn’t talk to the girl sitting on the bus beside me was because she was constantly tapping on her phone without looking up even to stand up and depart the bus, she only momentarily looked up to see the name of her stop being called. Upon looking around I saw 90% of passengers had headphones in and/or was on a mobile device.

The reason I didn’t talk to that man sitting a few rows ahead was because I was afraid of him as a person, I was afraid of what he was capable of, what he would be able to do. I decided it would be easier to sit back and look out the window instead of embark in a conversation with a person I knew nothing about. Looking back now so many new opportunities could have arisen.

The reason I didn’t chat with those teenagers my age was because I was afraid of  what they would think of me. I was afraid they would laugh and judge me. I was afraid they’d ignore me like that notification from that game you never deleted reminding you of a new level, you glance at it but never give thought or attention to it. In that moment I decided I’d rather not be noticed than give them the opportunity to embarrass and ignore me.

These are the actions of yet another person in the crowd. You see now I am the person you politely smile at while walking past on the street. tomorrow I’d like to be that memorable unexpected person that strikes up conversation in the middle of the hallway. Earlier my goal was to go unnoticed and not make big havoc, now I crave for a way out. I want to pave my own path and discover myself, In the movie Margo tells Quentin to live in the moment after Quentin tells her about his plan to get good grades and be a good student until he is married with children only then he would be happy. Margo a complete opposite with different set of motives shows him how to live now and take action now. Margo a spontaneous character took Quentin on adventures through the city and got his heart pulsing. That is where my younger self would have stopped the movie. The more curious version decided to continue to see if I could find deeper meaning because surely there was a reason the producers didn’t stop it there after their adventures surely  I said. Margo and Quentin were old friends, after a while Margo found people as spontaneous as her but they were fake and not loyal. Margo always left clues for people she thought of as worthy, Quentin was for the first time responsible to unravel her trail of clues. Quentin sees it as a journey he was meant to go on to find Margo and confess his undying love for her.  Margo said something interesting that resonated with me, she said “You have to get lost before you can be found” Margo was lost and her spontaneous acts were evoked because (in my opinion) she was trying to find herself so she would try adventure upon adventure to see if she could identify with. She along with all of us are lost. Those lucky enough to find a passion or pastime were not face with the question of who this person living inside this body is, who this being I’ve developed and created is. That my friends is for another discussion time. I am afraid I’ve not said all the ideas I’ve been longing to distribute through this ‘blog post’ but since it is 1:30 am 1595 words long and the plot of the movie is long gone in my memory and I must be up at 9am tomorrow I am going to rest.

As I part I ask you to take into consideration the time you spend on anything connected to technology, please moderate your time spent online and maximize your time with other people. Goodluck on the unknown journey of your life and please return again soon for some late night reads about philosophical topics from a young author.



Hi welcome, my names Alex! I’m just going to get right to the point, I started this blog as a place to put my opinion freely so I’d prefer to remain anonymous. Regardless on how many readers, viewers whatever. I know I seem like a basic person, one of many people who want to be discovered. But honestly I don’t care if anyone “discovers” me or whatnot I just want a place for an open opinion about topics, for example: Trump, such a controversial topic but hey that’s what this blog is for! So I am a Canadian resident and have avoided the big question ‘for trump or against trump’ first lets evaluate his pros: He can really help the economy I guess, he is a business man after all. (comment your own opinion too I’d love to hear a different perspective and new opinions) cons: there’s speculation  of Donald mistreating his wife when this topic comes up honestly the feminist in me comes out, also the construction of a wall to keep illegal immigrants out, (I’d like to point out there are other ways to keep illegal immigrants out aka border control which will open more job opportunities for Americans and hey more job opportunities which could bring more immigrants (legal if that is what you’d prefer) and could help the economy in that way. Instead he chose to build a wall which will cost quite a bit and be a waste of resources. It will open many job opportunities but just for a little while, after a while all the people they brought in for construction will be left unemployed!! )Anyways I hope you enjoy my blog, ill try to get perhaps a posting schedule but until further notice I intend to post whenever I get a train of thought I care to share 🙂 enjoy this awkward and unedited blog.